Advancing Cancer Care by Targeting the Id Pathway: Treatments, Diagnostics & Prognostics
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The AngioGenex team welcomes you to our website. We wish it to be sufficiently informative that you will understand and appreciate our technology and our business goals. If, after reviewing this site, you would like additional information about our proprietary technology, our business strategy or our team, we urge you to call us directly at the phone numbers listed. We welcome your interest and are prepared to be of assistance to you.

This website has been prepared by members of AngioGenex, Inc., a public company that trades on the pink OTC market quotation system with the symbol AGGX. Our goal is to describe the proprietary INHIBITOR OF DIFFERENTIATION (Id) technology of the Company and the business opportunities that it presents. As you review this information it will be apparent why, after ten years a small group of professionals continue to be committed to this technology. Simply stated, members of the Company are convinced that our technology offers an unprecedented opportunity to develop drugs that are highly effective and safe in the treatment of cancer. To us, nothing would be more rewarding than bringing new and unique anti-cancer drugs into clinical use.

Unlike many other companies, our scientists work closely with the source of the new information on which our efforts are based, and contribute to the advancement of the science. As with many smaller companies, there have been significant difficulties in obtaining funds to maintain the Company and to conduct research and development in this highly promising scientific area. As a result, all funds have been used to maintain the Company and to advance the research. Despite these problems, the science has continued to advance and to demonstrate the great potential of this technology. As you review the information in our website, we believe that you will conclude that AngioGenex, Inc. has the potential to bring new and more effective anti-cancer drugs to the market offering an unusual opportunity for investor to support a promising approach to “the war on cancer” and to gain significant returns on their investment.

A picture providing evidence of the profound effect of Id on production of new blood vessels which is one of the key processes needed for the growth and spread of cancer is provided below.