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Committed to Advancing Novel Therapeutics for Unmet Needs

We are Focused on our Mission

We are Driven by Accomplishment

AngioGenex leverages top talent and leading scientific experts including life sciences industry veterans with proven experience advancing novel pharmaceutical products. Our scientific advisors come from top medical institutions and bring strong working knowledge of cancer biology and angiogenesis.

Leadership Team

Robert Benezra, Ph.D.

Scientific Founder, Chair, Scientific Advisory Board

Michael Aronstein

Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Michael Strage

Chief Operating Officer, Director

Martin Murray, MBA, CPA

Chief Financial Officer, Director

Ouathek Ouerfelli, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisory Board

We Collaborate with Industry Leaders

We believe that breakthrough science requires collaboration. We have collaborated with leading academics, research institutions, and charitable organizations to discover and develop therapies for important unmet medical needs.

AngioGenex Presentations

Corporate Presentation
Fact Sheet

Unlocking the Vast Potential

of Id Protein Inhibitors

AngioGenex and its collaborators, including Robert Benezra, Ph.D., and The Robert Benezra Lab at Sloan Kettering Institute, have assembled key platform enabling technologies and tools that allow for the identification of specific and potent small molecule binders of Id, a key mediator of both tumor progression and spread as well as new blood vessel formation (angiogenesis).